All our Medical Supplies & PPE meet or exceed CDC Guidelines and are FDA Approved


Hand Shake Deals offers a variety of popular houseware products, available now and ready to ship. We offer the best in bathroom accessories, bedding, humidifiers, air conditioners and purifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, and fireplaces. We have all the housewares you need to keep your business clean and well-stocked.

Bathroom Accessories

Keeping a clean, well-decorated, and well-kept bathroom is vital to any business. We offer important products such as toilet paper, toilet paper holders, paper towels, paper towel dispensers, and more.

bathroom, toilet paper


Many types of businesses require bedding, and we understand the importance of receiving reasonable prices for something that will be used often. Contact us to see what we have to offer and which bedding will work best for your business.

bedding, linens


A humidifier is a beneficial device that adds moisture to a room or larger area, which can improve a person’s breathing and the overall quality of the air. There are several types of humidifiers, all with many functions. Questions? Call us to find out what you need.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are a must-have in summer! You need a reliable, high-quality air conditioner to get you through the hottest months of the year and for years afterward.


Contrary to the humidifier, a dehumidifier reduces the levels of moisture in the air. It’s effective at normalizing a humid environment. There are several sizes and styles of dehumidifiers available.

Air Purifiers

It has been proven that air purifiers improve indoor air quality by removing contaminants from the air. Give your employees and customers the best and find an air purifier that fits your needs.


Staying cool sometimes requires only a fan instead of a larger air conditioning unit. We have a wide selection of fans, small and large, to fit any room for any business.



Our gas and electric fireplaces are an elegant way to add heat to any room. We offer a wide selection of fireplaces and fireplace accessories and are happy to assist you in selecting the best option for your business. 

Wholesale Products

Cleaning Supplies​

We source all cleaning supplies including brooms, mops, vacuums, cleaners, janitorial supplies, & more​


We source all types of kitchenware including dishware, cookware, bakeware, coffeemakers, dinnerware sets, flatware sets, cutlery, & more

Other Products​

We source many other products like electronics, lawn/garden, health & beauty, luggage, sporting goods, pet supplies, automotive & more